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Welcome to Ken's Bazaar!

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

I wanted to share with you, my friends, why we opened this store. Our original thinking was to create something different, original, and unique that would set us apart from other stores. We aim to contribute towards music education and community relations, furthering live music in our area, advancing civic duties and responsibilities, and providing entertainment in our locality. We also wanted to offer a modern and genuinely unique outlet for music lovers services and gear.

I grew up in the vibrant music scene of the 60s and 70s, and the guitar was the music of that era. Every town in the USA had bands springing up all over, and live music was a truly exciting feature of the American way of life. After the Beatles and other English groups invaded our music scene, I got involved in a big way. I would love to see live music like that again!

Here at our Bazaar, we are not just a music gear shop. We are educators, vintage instrument enthusiasts, professional musicians, and promoters of music shows of all kinds. Come to our fantastic little shop and let us share an incredibly diverse but large inventory of products, our profound love of music, people, and the artisans it takes to pull these things off. Get to know us and let's share the wonders and enjoyment of music, music makers, and the axes and accessories that make us all sound so good!

Remember, life is music.

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Membre inconnu
05 déc. 2023

This is test_1 for this category.


Membre inconnu
03 déc. 2023

Just wanted to test this part of our site. Thanks!


Bless you all. I love the store, great people.

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