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The Alvarez Artist AJ80CE acoustic-electric is a high-value 12-string guitar with a big voice! Like all of Alvarez’s Artist series, the Artist AJ80CE gifts players comfortable playing with stylish looks that keep your guitar journey engaging and fun. The Artist AJ80CE features a large jumbo-style body, a favorite for heavy strummers and singer/songwriters. The jumbo body moves a lot of air, which means it’s loud, while a tapered waist ensures this guitar rings with well-defined bass and shimmering trebles. The result is a powerful 12-string that’s plenty “jangly” but with more robust low end than a comparable dreadnought. Resonant back and sides crafted from maple deliver bright and powerful clarity while the Artist AJ80ce’s crown jewel is a handpicked wood top built from A+ Sitka spruce that rivals the sound quality of much pricier acoustics. Ken Bates players love the Artist AJ80CE’s sound, but especially appreciate its comfortable feel and durable hardware. Player-friendly features include LR Baggs electronics, a premium bone nut and saddle, spruce bracing, a body cutaway for upper-fret access, and a super-comfortable maple neck with a hybrid “V” to “C” shape for incredible playability up and down the neck.

Alvarez AJ80CE 12-string Acoustic-Electric Guitar (New)

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