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Ready to Perform with Built-in Electronics? Looking for a great value on an acoustic-electric guitar? Look no further than the Ibanez AEG70 acoustic-electric guitar. It's ready to plug in and play right out of the box, thanks to its built-in undersaddle pickup and preamp system. There's even a built-in tuner so you can always sound your best. A combination of flame maple top and sapele back and sides imbues this guitar with a voice that sings with richness and balance across the tonal spectrum. Complete with a satin-finished neck for a smooth, fast playing feel, it's hard to beat the value in the Ibanez AEG70 acoustic-electric guitar. AEG body shape feels great and keeps feedback at bay The shallow body design of the Ibanez AEG70 is not only comfortable to play, but it also helps keep feedback at bay when plugged into a sound system. The undersized body eliminates the boominess.

Ibanez AEG70PIH Acoustic/Electric - Purple Iris Burst (New)

SKU: NXG2210 E
$499.99 Regular Price
$399.99Sale Price
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