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The Ibanez ALT30FM Altstar acoustic-electric is the perfect instrument for the aspiring electric player with a drive to explore the world of acoustic guitars. Ibanez’s Altstar series offers acoustic instruments that electric guitarists will find inviting and easy to play. The Altstar series features a compact dreadnought body, 15.7” fingerboard radius, tighter string spacing and 25.5” scale neck, all designed to offer electric guitarists a seamless transition to acoustic playing. The single-cut Altstar also features a neck joint at the 16th fret, rather than the 12th fret, affording unparalleled upper fret access. Whether you’re just looking to delve into the world of acoustic guitars, or are seeking a quieter practice option while maintaining an electric guitar feel, the Ibanez ALT30FM Altstar is your axe.

Ibanez ALT30FM Altstar Acoustic/Electric - Blue Doom Burst (New)

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