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Atop the resonator food chain sits the Johnson Dobro, a lovingly crafted resonator built for incredible playability with stylish looks to match. The Johnson Dobro leaves no detail to chance. Its warm, resonant wood body is crafted from premium materials and adorned with a resonator cone crafted from aluminum. Beyond quality core construction, each piece of this resonator features premium hardware for guaranteed top-notch tone. With its square-shouldered body design, the dobro has a clarity and depth that’s perfect for use in a band onstage or in the studio. If you’re looking to infuse your music with the sounds of the early 20th century without sacrificing comfort or thousands of dollars, the Johnson Dobro Resonator gets the job done and then some — all at a great price.


Johnson Dobro Resonator Guitar (Used)

SKU: UAG2425 E
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