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Mooer: Small, smart, original. "Listen to technology" Is Mooer development objective. By the guidance of “constant technological innovation, pursuit of excellence”, Mooer has been striving to bring you the top-level and superb enjoyment of music by means of high-technology. The Mooer guitar multi effects processor delivers the most authentic, modern, and rich tones. It's easy operation and versatility makes it great for developing unique sounds. This processor comes equipped with a huge LCD display, 8 effect modules, 66 effect types, 80 Preset patches and 80 User patches, 6 assignable expression pedal parameters, 23 drive sounds, 7 amp simulators, 40 drum rhythms, and 10 metronome rhythms. This processor uses a DC 9V adapter or a four AA battery power supply (not included).

Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi Effects Processor (New)

SKU: GE100 E
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    Individual Product
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