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The NUX Reissue Series Analog Chorus pedal brings back the iconic '80s chorus effect that defined the era. Thanks to an authentic bucket-brigade circuit, the Analog Chorus produces a warm, analog tone ranging from a subtle shimmer to near-vibrato wobbles. Musicians and producers will love dialing in lush, retro sounds inspired by '80s pop and rock.


At the heart of the Analog Chorus is a bucket-brigade device that produces an organic, vintage chorus effect reminiscent of the '80s. By manipulating the delay time of the audio signal, the bucket-brigade circuit creates a dimensional, swirling sound. Adjust the Rate and Depth knobs to control the speed and intensity of the effect, producing everything from a subtle thickening of the tone to an intense vibrato.


With just three knobs, the Analog Chorus is easy to dial in and tweak on the fly. The Speed knob controls the speed of the chorus effect, allowing you to set a slow, undulating chorus or a faster, more dramatic vibrato. The Width knob determines the intensity of the effect, from barely noticeable to a deep, lush chorus. The Blend knob blends the dry and wet signals, enabling you to balance the amount of chorus with your original tone.


The Analog Chorus comes in a durable metal chassis built to handle the rigors of touring and frequent use. Its compact size takes up minimal space on your pedalboard, with top-mounted jacks that won't take up extra room. Power the pedal with a 9V DC adapter (not included) for studio use or a 9V battery for maximum portability during live performances and jam sessions.

NUX Reissue Series Analog Chorus With Bucket-Brigade Circuit Effects Pedal (New)

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