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Whether you're looking for an always-on boost, a tube-pushing overdrive, or some screaming distortion, Pigtronix's impressive Gamma Drive Overdrive Pedal has the power and adjustability you crave. This highly articulate overdrive combines germanium, LED, and silicon diodes for a one-of-a-kind sonic profile that pumps out waves of rich saturation — Ken Bates Guitar Bazaar shredders have quickly pointed out the Gamma Drive's full-bodied tone, sweetness, and dynamic harmonic content. Once you dial in that perfect amount of heat, handy Treble and Bass controls fine-tune your tone to perfection. With the Pigtronix Gamma Drive Overdrive Pedal on your board, everything from dirt-tinged cleans to vintage crunch and gut-punching grind is easily achieved.

Pigtronix Gamma Drive Overdrive Pedal (New)

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