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The Alvarez Masterworks line offers seasoned and discerning players boutique-grade quality at a great price. The Masterworks seal means not only pro-grade tone and performance, but also refined detail-oriented beauty that looks good on stage. The Masterworks Elite 70 Folk is a bold OM-style guitar shaped from black walnut, a stout and balanced tonewood with brightness and warmth that pairs perfectly with the OM-style body. This slim tapered OM-style body is not only incredibly articulate but is also supremely comfortable with its upper-body cutaway and beveled ebony armrest for your strumming hand. Each aspect is crafted to playable perfection including a mahogany neck with hybrid soft “V” to “C” shape. This shape helps players get the perfect grip at each part of the neck for precision fretting. And for gigging artists, the Masterworks Elite 70 Folk comes equipped with a deluxe LR Baggs VTC Element electronics for rich amplified tone with dynamic response. If you’re searching for a hardworking acoustic guitar built by discerning hands, you can’t go wrong with the Alvarez Masterworks Elite 70 Folk from Ken Bates!

Alvarez MG710 Masterworks Elite 70 Folk Acoustic/Electric (New)

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