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GTRS guitars are the next generation in modern guitar development, offering a complete lightweight digital and analog guitar system designed from the ground up. This system starts with a unique guitar, equipped with the intelligent GTRS processor system, developed in collaboration with master luthiers and Mooer's sound engineers. The guitar is designed to work with its specially designed app to offer seamless integration of classic guitar styles and modern, digital simulation technology. With the unique Super Knob, GTRS guitars can be quickly adjusted to a variety of situations at the push of a button.


The Standard 800 model (S800) features an American Basswood body, roasted maple neck and rosewood fretboard that feel great and offer all the functionality of a "regular" guitar when the GTRS system and app are off. The SSH Alnico V pickup configuration was specifically chosen to offer maximum tonal flexibility. The volume and tone controls as well as the pickup switch can be used to tweak the sound without having to worry about battery life or other digital aspects of the GTRS guitar. The free GTRS app offers a variety of tools to shape the instrument's sound and help with live streaming, recording and practice.

MOOER GTRS Guitars Standard 800 Intelligent Guitar (Used)

$1,039.99 Regular Price
$429.99Sale Price
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    Individual Product
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