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BLUES MOOD Overdrive Pedal With a bright or fat switch, the Mooer Blues Mood aims to get a low/mid-gain overdrive tone similar to a Boss BD-2.

The Blues Mood is a clone of the Boss Blues Driver BD-2 with a Keeley style Mod.

The goal was to create a pedal that would be transparent and give crisp highs and defined lows.

The overdrive when turned up is quite gritty and offers a very wide tonal area to play within.

Bright and Fat modes give you two tonal options. If you like a dynamic overdrive for playing the blues that lets your personality shine, the Blue Mood is your ticket.

Small, compact, and classic blues tone.

Features: 2 Modes to choose from: Bright and Fat Level, Gain, and Tone controls

True Bypass Mini Pedal Size Saves Space on your Pedal-board

Solid Built Metal Casing

Uses Standard Boss Style DC 9

Full metal shell

True bypass


Power supply not included

Mooer Blues Mood Overdrive Electric Guitar Bass Effects Pedal (New)

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