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Welcome 2024's Version of “The Bazaar”

With new and exciting things happening every day, this IS the place to be and to be seen! Come on in and explore …


 It’s 2024 and after a stellar start during our first 2 years we are excited to announce we are expanding! More of the same world class “Brands of Distinction” like, Ibanez including Yari, Orange, Breedlove, G&L, NUX, Ernie Ball, Curt Mangan, Seymour Duncan, Pevey, Tagima, D’Angelico, PRS and many, many more.


We’ll still be caring the same great new, used and vintage equipment plus an amazing array of accessories. Plus, user spec’d customizations, setups and repairs will also be an expanding focus for our highly talented luthier service department. We continue to strive to have those extra things that as players we want, we need, and we look for!


We are increasing our music school adding additional instructors, students, instrument types and the concepts of music theory. Plus, we’ll be providing guidance and instruction for all those musical “how to’s suchas using effects, working a stage, performing with a microphone, producing recordings and stage presence for a live performance.


Speaking of live music, we are expanding our concerts with more and more live music coming to the “Bates Motel Stage” at the Chisholm Mall. We have blue grass concerts every month. We’ll also be showcasing our students’ newfound talents, new and upcoming musicians from the area as well as country, gospel and contemporary Christian music. With concert events showcasing music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and throughout the ages including the latest music from various artists, we’ll have something you’ll love. And if that’s not enough we’ll be promoting live talent shows showcasing all the local talent.


For 2024 let “The Bazaar” be your music store and place to be for live music. Come and meet our all-star staff who are all practicing local area musicians. We’ll make you feel right at home and tend to all your musical needs and desires.

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